6 Ways to Improve Conversions from Your Content Marketing Efforts

March 9, 2018

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According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and it generates approximately three times the amount of revenue per dollar spent in comparison.

We wanted to share 6 ways you can improve your approach to this cost-effective digital marketing strategy to maximize your conversions.

1) Create Content with Real Value

You need to produce original and interesting material to increase your site’s traffic and boost your SEO ranking. In the content marketing world, the mandate to only create content with “real value” has been repeated ad nauseum.

However, many people still take shortcuts when it comes to content creation. Instead of frantically trying to produce the most mediocre content, it is essential to think of your audience and how they will respond.

Your content not only has to be accurate, but it also has to be engaging to the reader. This can be done by introducing an important topic right away, sharing a personal story, or leaving readers with thought-provoking questions.

It may be helpful to add pictures, videos or diagrams to the page as they can illustrate the information to your audience.

Lastly, try to update your website on a regular basis. Search engines don’t normally favor sites that aren’t frequently updated.

2) Listen to Your Audience’s Feedback

The best way to receive feedback is from your audience. At the end of the day, the sole purpose of your marketing strategy is to align your website with the needs of your audience.

First, you must define who is your target audience by identifying common characteristics of the average person visiting your website.

Your target audience will consist of a diverse range of people that may have different needs, problems, and social network channels.

In this case, it is helpful to perform a target audience analysis. This is when you analyze a few different target groups that all contain a similar type of persona.

It’s useful to research the primary reasons why your audience is seeking your content. Being able to accurately gauge demographic data enables analysts to determine which ads, promotional campaigns, and channels will have the greatest impact.

Depending on the project, some demographic categories might not be relevant to consider (and there may be others that aren’t even listed). Instead of looking at demographic data as the rule of law, look at it as a recommended guideline.

It could also be helpful to hold questionnaires that allow the audience to respond to your questions and evaluate their satisfaction with your work. Gather all of the results and then brainstorm possible solutions or additional improvements to your content.

3) Remember: Distribution Channel Matters

Even though content marketing has become conventional, marketers are still often unaware of the various ways to make their approaches more efficient.

After learning about your target audience, you must consider what form of marketing does your organization uses. The distribution channel you decide depends on the kind of product, service, or concern you are addressing.

Most of your wholesale business depends heavily on the type of method you use. For example, if you decide to utilize a sales force approach, then much of your focus will be on training your employees and how they can position the product most effectively.

Alternatively, if you decide to send an e-newsletter, then you may focus on building your contact list and creating staff call-centers. Interestingly, researchers have found that 83% of content marketing was accessed by e-newsletters.

After deciding the method, create all the support systems that are considered and examine the costs and benefits. Weighing the costs and benefits before committing to all resources associated it best as you may make changes after evaluating the costs.

4) Confidently Face Your Competition

As more companies become aware of the effectiveness of content marketing, the competition only increases.

Every business is trying to do the same thing by creating high-quality content. If you want to outperform your competitors, you need to add serious value to your content.

You must offer something that your competitors can’t offer. You need to ask yourself if there is any qualitative advantage over other channels, that can give your company a lead.

Perhaps, there is a distribution channel your competitors haven’t considered or that they ignored.

5) Embrace the Live Video Trend

Live videos are taking over social media. Brands are starting to figure out ways to modernize their entire marketing campaigns by using live video.

Consumers simply enjoy viewing a brand in real time than have to read an article from the event the day after.

Live video brings your marketing campaign some authenticity as there is no script to the conversations and the ability to watch a demonstration with candid reactions.

Whether it is a tutorial of a new product, a live interview, or introducing a new product to the market, live video is changing the sales interaction for consumers.

Live video also allows for businesses to reach a broader customer base. The internet also makes it easier for businesses that must consider a budgetary constraint.

Live video can either be awesome or disastrous.

Follow these tips to have a successful live video experience:

~ Make it simple and clear and don’t use a lot of technical and confusing words. It may be easier to understand things while it is live but that does not mean everyone knows what you’re thinking and doing.

Try not to make it too short or too long. You don’t want to show your product in just a 2-minutes, but you also don’t want to show it with a 60-minute video.

Give an example of a success story, giving viewers someone to relate to.

Share your video on all popular social media channels. This means Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Always make sure that you have a set goal for your video and practice beforehand.

6) Change Up the Format

Marketing efforts are always in a state of flux, and it’s important to periodically step back and look at what needs to be adjusted in your marketing campaign.

Build your marketing campaign with a broad strategy by including your team with a diverse set of skills to exceed the demands of your audience.

Nowadays, content marketing is much more than just blogging. It has transformed into a more significant process that you continually have to develop and customize for your audience.

However, with the rise of Live Video, there may be some bigger changes on the horizon. That is why it is crucial to adapt to the forms of content that are popularized today.


Content marketing is constantly adapting to new trends and companies are always seeking new ways to give themselves a competitive advantage.

Try to give your content some value that offers your customers a reason to view your content rather than others.

Decide the exact audience you are trying to reach and provide them with honest information. And remember, instead of chasing trends, conduct research and experiment with what you find.

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