Customer Engagement in 2018: 6 Small Changes That Make a Huge Difference

March 13, 2018

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Even though we’ve made it to 2018, too many marketers still aren’t fully prioritizing customer engagement in their marketing strategies. No matter your industry, engagement is imperative in order to improve your services and step up your company’s online presence.

Since you’re usually targeting people with limited time and short attention spans, it’s essential to catch their attention within the first few seconds of interaction.

If you don’t and the user leaves after an 8-10 second interval, your bounce rate will increase (which unfortunately causes search engines to lower your SERP ranking).

Additionally, the more pages your user browses, the more likely he/she is to remember your brand and buy something.

We know how hard it can be to stand out to prospective and current customers. Here are 6 ways you can help your business thrive online in our competitive digital world:

1) Incentives

One email address is worth about a 10-15% discount depending on the company.

Incentivizing customers with pop-up advertisements and online banners is one of the most most effective ways to ensure users spend more time browsing.

2) Live Chat

Live chat in pop-up windows gives the option to ask questions in real time.

Even just the knowledge that someone is available to answer his/her inquiry is enough to improve a user’s experience.

It also discourages your website visitors from giving up after a frustrating moment.

3) Social Media Plug-Ins

Online communication applications such as messenger and twitter make communicating and advertising to customers in real time easily accessible and personify your company’s profile.

Social media analytic tools can bring huge amounts of data on customer demographics as well. This data can help add a layer of intelligent insight in making website design decisions.

4) Discussion Sections

Utilizing online discussion on your site gets customers involved and adds a level of transparency.

Your brand becomes more trustworthy by using real consumer reviews. You can track the merit of your reviews on

5) Design for Your Audience

Having an info-heavy front page may seem counterintuitive in today’s minimalist trending environment, however, it is important to design your site for your audience.

In some cases, a more complex home page could lead to longer time spent trying to achieve the desired action.

6) Exceptional Content

According to expert digital strategist Jeff Bullas, articles with photos pull 94% more views. Linking text with a photo makes whatever you are trying to communicate more stimulating.

Use your content marketing strategy in your website design; every individual aspect of your company should fit seamlessly together.


Information from real customers should be the primary source of insight in adjusting your marketing strategy.

Customers are not shy about telling you what is wrong with your business, but they are not always aware of what they do or don’t like. Increasing user engagement helps solidify brand visibility and SEO rankings.

Marketing tools have become so useful in the past decade that it is possible to track the interactions between your customer and your website.

By looking at the patterns of where your customers click and how long they stage on a page, you can determine which aspects of your interface are user-friendly and which have issues that can be worked out.

You can see what aspects of your website are helping your brand awareness and leading to revenue, and what is confusing or frustrating for people.

Other options like cold calling and online surveys are helpful but lack the broad scope necessary for unbiased data. Generic data points like age, gender, and location don’t allow for engagement that will resonate emotionally with consumers.

Your Website is an Amazing

Customer Data Source

Getting a better picture of your clientele is easy with powerful online tools such as Google Analytics and the Chainlink Marketing Platform.

Some key data points that are important in optimizing your website are:

~ Bounce rate
Time on website
Average pages per session
Frequency of returning users
Percentage of returning users

These figures will provide you with insight on how to allocate your budget to make intelligent adjustments. The amount of data that is possible to acquire can be overwhelming to a point of total rejection.

The main point is not complicated though. Engage your users and see what works and what doesn’t. Luckily, there are powerful online tools that can help your brand optimize user engagement data and help your brand live up to its potential.

Final Thoughts…

The company website is a major extension of your brand. Web presence can make or break a company, more so if it is ecommerce or digitally based.

There are infinite tips and tools that can help increase meaningful consumer engagement, however, knowing what needs improving can be identified using analytics and social media data.

You know that Google Analytics is the standard tool that most companies use to extract data. If you don’t see increased engagement with the tweaks you do yourself, there are powerful resources online that can help you make more sense of the complicated data.

Consumers have a hard time explaining what they like and don’t like, with online analytics you can figure it out for them.

Chainlink Can Help

It’s important to set goals regarding customer engagement that coincide with your overall business goals.

Chainlink can also provide valuable insights into your customers’ histories, interactions, preferences and purchases using our proprietary platform, the Chainlink Marketing Platform.

As customer engagement experts for our clients, we help them increase their companies’ organic website traffic and overall online credibility.

If you don’t have a centralized data warehouse for all of your important customer data, we’ve got you covered.

Our Chainlink Data Warehouse stores every single customer’s online interactions, so you can monitor activity at each touch point across channels.

Want to learn more about Chainlink’s technology-first, uniquely effective digital marketing services?

Reach out to us below to learn more about how we can help your business grow online. We’d love to give you a free consultation.

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