Key Marketing Insights from Masterclassing’s NYC Digital Agency Event

September 27, 2018

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In our fast-paced digital world, marketing agencies need to stay current on emerging research and trends to provide clients the best possible services. The company Masterclassing hosts events that foster the exchange of industry trends and cutting-edge digital tools and techniques.

After attending an observation of the Digital Agency Event Masterclass at Interface NYC, we wanted to share some of our key takeaways from three of the digital experts who presented on various topics.

1) Mobile Advertising

The first presentation was from the company MobileFuse, and covered some great tips about how to excel in the rapidly changing world of mobile advertising. Here are two of the key tips:

1) Increase Engagement with Mindset Targeting

MobileFuse pointed out that you can achieve higher ad engagement rates when you focus on your target consumer’s state of mind at the time that he/she views the ad. If you only rely on the geographic location and past behaviors of your mobile targets, you could be missing out on other factors that motivate consumers to engage with your ad or not. Naturally, if you can catch a target consumer in a frame of mind when he/she is most likely to purchase your product or service, your ads will be incredibly more effective. For example, if you’re a snack brand and you might want to pay attention to data about when your ideal consumers would be the most hungry and busy so you can show the ad to them when they are in that mindset.

2) Improve Mobile Ad Campaigns by Considering Location, Frequency & Time Spent

Mobile location verification is key to ensure that your data for geo-targeting your ideal consumers is accurate and useful to you. In addition to this, MobileFuse stressed the importance of considering how often and how long your target consumer spent in a certain location. To avoid inaccuracies, it’s critical to account for the frequency and duration of a target being in a given place. For example, it would be pointless to continue to target someone as if they were a resident of Southern California for weeks after they returned from their temporary trip there. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for advertisers to make these kinds of mistakes.

2) Advertising to Mobile App Users

& Mobile Gamers

Another great presentation was from the company Jun Group, who talked about the untapped potential of targeting mobile gamers with ads. Adam Cohen-Aslatei talked about coining the term “mobile casual gamer” (“moca” gamers) to describe a huge group of targets who spend time on mobile app games casually (and often frequently) throughout the day. It’s ideal to advertise to this moca gamer demographic because data has been showing their positive responses to ads shown while gaming.

Rather than identifying themselves as serious “gamers”, moca gamers stay busy with the gaming apps on their tablets and smartphones that are usually brain teasers, word games, or puzzles.

Unfortunately, many advertisers miss out on the chance to capitalize on this ad group. This presentation was a great reminder of the importance of not neglecting the opportunities available based on current research. If you could improve your ad performance by investing more in mobile gaming app ads, it could result in an impressive increase in revenue.

3) Influencer Marketing in the

Age of the Creator

The final presentation was by the agency #paid. By pointing out how agencies can leverage influencer marketing to drive scalable campaigns, #paid underscored the exciting future of this form of marketing. Content creators on social platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are a huge driving force of cultural change and impact consumers powerfully.

The new age of creators who are influencing how society consumes media play an important role in how people shop online. By avoiding some of the common issues and traps of influencer marketing, agencies can create authentic experiences and lucrative marketing campaigns. As an agency, #paid emphasized how seriously they take their influencer vetting process.

To Wrap It Up…

Masterclassing events typically include presentations and roundtable discussions to give senior client-side decision makers the chance to learn about new digital marketing tools and strategies to help their business grow. These free half-day events facilitate sharing in-depth insights in a more in intimate setting than most large conferences like this.

At Chainlink, we’re all about forward thinking, cutting edge solutions to marketing challenges. Our end goal is to always help you achieve the best results possible for every campaign, across platforms and channels.

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