Ecommerce Marketing & Customer Engagement

Here are a variety of Ecommerce Marketing and Customer Engagement Strategies, best practices and tips to put to use in your marketing campaigns.

Ecommerce Marketing and Customer Engagement Strategies are some of the most important tools for any consumer-focused marketer working in the digital age. Making sure that you’re engaging with potential prospects, interacting with current customers, and revisiting with customers that are drifting away are all equally important steps in consumer and B2C email marketing. This page is where Chainlink Relationship Marketing clients and customers are kept up to date on the latest trends in Ecommerce Marketing and Customer Engagement, as well as access to frequently and freely available marketing assets that will help any marketer drive the best ROI possible across all of their channels.

Check back often for updates as we share our clients’ success stories using our Ecommerce Marketing and Customer Engagement services.

Email Marketing Provides the Highest ROI Across all Marketing Mediums!

09 Mar, 2016

"Email marketing provides the highest ROI across the marketing spectrum" (VB Insights), however many companies are often relegating this responsibility to very junior person within their organization. Jon Cifuenes, an analyst at VB Insight, conducted the study and found that very often the data that...

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