4 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2018

October 2, 2018

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Marketing on mobile devices is crucial to reach as many potential customers as possible who are primed to make a purchase. According to the tech research firm Forrester, mobile “moments” are playing an increasingly important role in the decision-making processes of consumers. “Moments” are defined as interactions between your current/potential customers and your company/brand. 

Strong mobile SEO and smart mobile advertising tactics are paramount to stay ahead of the curve. Forrester even says that mobile ad spend is growing at a rate that outperforms overall digital ad spending. Now is the time to get on board with investing more in mobile marketing and advertising if you haven’t already.

Plenty of blogs claim to reveal the ultimate mobile “hacks” you need to get ahead, but we’re going to be straightforward and share 4 ways that we know can boost the success of your mobile efforts.

1) Increase Your Mobile Ad Campaign Authenticity

Considering how much time users spend on their mobile devices, you have a unique opportunity to yield incredible results from mobile ads. However, if you don’t review the data you’re using to drive your mobile ad campaigns, you could overlook inaccuracies that are holding you back.

Knowing how to recognize, stop, and avoid ad fraud is key. Mobile advertisers are particularly susceptible to ad fraud that inflates their stats unrealistically. Third-party monitoring solutions such as DoubleVerify can help you eradicate fake impressions, fake clicks, and other fraudulent activities within your campaign.

It’s also important to avoid inaccuracies in geo-targeting. Consider how often and how long your target consumer spent in a certain location before targeting them. Take into account the frequency and duration of a target being in any given place, and you’ll improve your mobile ad campaign performance. Also, be particularly diligent if Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to you. The regulations have been changing the advertising game for ecommerce businesses, mobile apps and mobile marketers with location-based efforts.

2) Re-evaluate Your Mobile Emails and Landing Pages

Every email marketing campaign should be just as polished and riveting on mobile as it is on a desktop screen. The email message itself should coordinate perfectly with your call to action (CTA). Then, the call to action should lead them down a path of a seamless brand experience.
The landing pages for your CTAs should be mobile optimized.

People will automatically have more of a tendency to trust a landing page that’s consistent in look and tone with the email and CTA button they just clicked. The visuals and semantics of your mobile marketing elements might seem like extraneous details that aren’t a priority. However, the difference between highly successful mobile marketers and mediocre ones is oftentimes a keen attention to detail.

3) Improve Your Organic Traffic to Your Site With SEO for Mobile

Your website needs to optimized for the mobile experience to maximize conversions. Mobile first indexing by Google is one of the clearest signs that the mobile version of your website matters more today than it ever has before. To increase your organic ranking (and therefore traffic to your site) you need to keep in mind both humans and search engine crawlers that are determining your rank based on the site’s mobile experience and structure.

One mobile technical SEO consideration should be reevaluating your internal linking for mobile. If you want the most scalable way to get more of your mobile pages crawled, indexed and ranked, you might need to overhaul your link structure. Moz has some great examples of how this looks in practice (and explains how linking on mobile webpages requires a different strategy than linking on the desktop pages of your website).

4) Focus on Moments and Mindsets

Don’t neglect to consider the mindset and moment of your target. Mobile engagement of your current and potential customers has a lot to do with their timing and sentiments.

According to Gartner, more than 50% of customers will use mobile first for all their online activities. You can only find out what motivates consumers to engage with your mobile ad if you only focus on more than just geographic location and past behaviors.

There are an increasing number of opportunities to catch target consumers at the ideal moments for them to make purchases. Create mobile marketing programs that leverage data and customer insights to engage with prospects meaningfully.

To Wrap It Up…

Based on our experience and research, we can affirm that mobile marketing is an ongoing effort that requires persistent review and adjustments. Be sure to check out our other blog posts about mobile marketing, too. After all, mobile web traffic continues to soar above desktop traffic and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

As you strategize your renewed emphasis on mobile, our Chainlink team makes sure your website and digital marketing campaigns are fully optimized and mobile responsive.
We can also run your entire organic or paid mobile marketing campaign from start to finish and use in-depth performing to show the results we deliver.

Reach out to us below to learn more about how we can help you target mobile users and watch your online presence thrive. We’d love to talk over the phone and discuss the possibilities with you. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for more exclusive digital marketing and advertising tips!

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