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Chainlink is the database marketing and customer relationship marketing (CRM) partner you have been searching for… and we know it.


Why are we so sure your search is over?

Our clients’ marketing successes have a direct impact on their bottom lines

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The Premiere CRM and Email Marketing Automation Platforms

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Want the highest open rates for your mobile email campaign? Need to generate the best possible conversion rate on your personalized landing pages?  Looking for a way to tie your physical mail efforts to a unique and responsive digital experience?

Interested in getting the most out of your CRM Marketing efforts?

On top of Mail, Email, and Dynamic Landing Page campaign management, at Chainlink we also employ the most cutting edge and effective messaging strategies.


Personalize dynamically and optimize messaging, in realtime. Identify and segment targets before, during and after a single effort or an entire marketing cycle.


Seamlessly deliver proven and personalized content on your target’s preferred device and location.  Automatically A/B split, analyze, and adjust experiences as you learn more about your customers.  Get every ounce of influence your interaction history can provide.

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