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January 16, 2018

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Successful SEO efforts in 2018 require a commitment to an innovative, data-driven content strategy. The ability to write valuable content designed to improve SEO is a key skill required of modern day marketers.

With an overabundance of information about SEO copywriting practices flooding the Internet, it can be tough to decide the best tactics for your company to employ.

That’s why we decided to break down the main do’s and don’ts about SEO copywriting for you to keep in mind as you develop and tweak your strategy.

Do: Continue to Focus on SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research is fundamental to a copywriting strategy that produces positive SEO results. If you discover in your keyword research that a larger number of people are searching for a certain keyword or phrase than another, it’s worth it to gradually shift the focus of your content. In addition to writing valuable content, you need to maximize every chance you get to reach and resonate with your target audience.

As the SEO researchers at SEMrush have said, keyword-rich content provides a better chance that your web pages will appear in Google’s top results. Updating your web texts with valuable keywords will help to ensure successful keyword optimization. Tools such as SEMrush and Google’s free Keyword Planner serve as powerful keyword generators to increase the keyword options for your website.

Don’t: Blindly Follow Thought Leaders

Supporting thought leaders and other content writers in your industry can be a great way to learn, network, and promote your own business. It’s common for SEO copywriters to piggyback off and build on each other’s ideas, which certainly has its benefits.

However, you have to pay attention to the conversation surrounding a thought leader’s content. Generally speaking, industry leaders are masters of personal branding, sometimes inflating their actual qualifications.

Be sure to do your due diligence before touting a “tried and true” technique that you haven’t even attempted to implement yourself. In other words, the only way for you to create genuine, effective content is to commit to having your own copywriting voice and style.

Do: Keep in Mind the Influence of Artificial Intelligence

You know that you need to have a keyword-centered, concerted approach to boost your website traffic, but that’s just one small piece of the puzzle. Content writing algorithms are already streamlining the jobs of several publications, such as the Associated Press.

As pointed out by the Content Marketing Institute, content creation robots are evolving thanks to rapid advances in artificial intelligence capabilities. Nevertheless, human writers are more necessary than ever before to fix and modify the oftentimes wordy and convoluted paragraphs written my machine learning bots.

The reality is that even the most sophisticated software for “automated storytelling technology” has its limits. There is no replacement for a quality, well-researched thought piece.

Don’t: Underestimate Google’s Power

Google’s algorithms are some of the most sophisticated, so you’re never going to outsmart Google. Making your copywriting as easy as possible for Google to read and “crawl” is extremely important. Use bullet phrasing and plenty of subheadings (which benefits your audience and Google).

Even if you’re frustrated with slow results, don’t fall into the traps of copywriting “hacks” that only aggravate Google and put you at a disadvantage. If I find your article awkward to read because it’s forcing keywords where they don’t belong, Google will punish you.

Google is also making it easier for people report spammy websites and businesses with paid link schemes.

Also, Google is taking into account so many other metrics that indicate whether a site is truly high quality or not. Cutting corners not only turns readers off but also sends a red flag to Google. Unfortunately, your metrics will reflect that.

Do: Add a Personal Touch to Your Copywriting (When Appropriate)

Storytelling with personalized flair is a powerful differentiating factor in a digital world that often seems impersonal.

For example, writing case studies with a personal, narrative tone can make almost any subject matter more accessible. Or, by telling your audience a relevant story that illustrates a product use case with a personal testimonial, chances are you’ll sound more trustworthy.

Generally speaking, it’s much easier to create an authentic connection when you include opinions on a topic based on previous experience, always providing context and disclosing biases.

Another great rule of thumb is to write articles in which you speak to your audience as peers. You can still have an authoritative, professional tone without sounding like a superior.

Don’t: Fall Back on Old Tactics

When you’re devising your 2018 plan for SEO-friendly content, it’s convenient to default to the previous tactics that seemed to work for you.

You should definitely continue the tactics that work for you; for example, a format or tone of your writing style that resonates well with your audience.

The problem is that if you don’t use your tried-and-true tactics as a launching pad, you won’t discover even better methods. New approaches are impossible to find if you don’t experiment with new layouts or content styles.

In Conclusion…

As you and your team decide your plan of action for SEO-conscious content copywriting in 2018, keep this article as a point of reference.

Don’t lose sight of your core copywriting goal: to generate web traffic and attract more leads. Hopefully these do’s and don’ts serve as a helpful reminder and resource throughout your decision making process.

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