5 Ways to Better Interact with Customers on Social Media

April 3, 2020
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Social media’s dominance of the Internet has created a unique opportunity for companies to build strong relationships with their customers. 78% of businesses have dedicated teams for their social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

These social platforms allow businesses to connect more personally with their customers and potentially grow a larger consumer base through channels that produce a higher ROI than more traditional campaigns.

Although well-known brands tend to have a more substantial following on social media, all businesses can connect and grow their followers by effectively leveraging their social media.

To connect with their loyal followers through social media, businesses must do more than randomly post deals or promotions about a product or service. Posts on social media that aren’t targeted or informative are the equivalent of flooding customers’ inboxes with spam.

A business should aim to create posts about their products and promotions that foster a lasting connection with their customers on social media.

Keep reading for five essential tips on how to effectively interact with your customers on social media.

Post User-Generated Content

The goal of social media for businesses is to grow their audience, to encourage existing customers to engage, and to convince everyone to buy their products rather than their competitors’ products.

The most efficient way to ensure your content is resonating with your customers is to include them in the decisions about what kind of content you post.

When your customers play an active role in the type of campaign you’re running, the better chance your content is going to be shared, liked, commented on, and reposted.

One of the most followed non-celebrity brands on Instagram is GoPro. The GoPro Instagram page has 13.1 million followers, gets thousands of views and hundreds of comments on their posts.

GoPro has been particularly successful on social media due to the content they share. The content GoPro posts includes videos and photos that customers have taken using a GoPro.

When customers are actively involved in social media content, they’re more likely to share this content with their friends and family, which successfully provides a business with a larger consumer base.

Make It About More Than Just Promotions

If you flood your social media page with posts exclusively promoting your product or business, followers will not respond well: they’ll be less likely to share and like your content, and they just might unfollow your account.

Although the primary goal of your social media page is to market your business and grow your consumer base, the content on your page should not solely focus on your business. It is important to add value to the lives of customers and give them a reason to care about your feed.

There are millions of social media accounts who post similar content. When businesses publish a social media post, they incorporate current events and relevant hot topic issues to spark interest.

Including a variety of content on your social media page will attract attention and demonstrate that your page is not limited to sales pitches and self-promotion.

Be Responsive

A business that actively communicates with their customers can improve brand loyalty and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors who do not take the time to listen and respond to consumer request, suggestions or inquiries.

By creating a profile on social media platforms, businesses provide opportunities for customers to submit requests or inquiries. It is important to be thoughtful and timely when responding to your customer.

By responding and communicating with customers via social media, this will secure and demonstrate loyalty, which will produce repeat visits.

Be Easy to Find

The digital world is fast-paced, constantly changing and provides immediate updates. More than ever before, it’s crucial that your company’s profile is easy to find.

Using simple profile names, easily recognizable pictures and tags that relate to a trademark, symbol, or staple of your organization will help people easily recognize your page.

The simplest way to do this is embedding links to your social media accounts on the homepage of your website.

Make It Fun

Most people use social media mainly for their own entertainment and as a means to connect with friends and socialize. Humor is a golden way to universally connect with people.

Posting jokes, memes, gifs, video clips, and other enticing content will help keep customers engaged and have them sharing your posts with their friends.

Social media has become one of the most influential aspects in our world, which is a very powerful thing. Companies should avoid making a social media page to aimlessly overwhelm with meaningless content. Instead, social media content should add value to consumers lives, which will positively benefit your business.

Your relationship with your customers on social media might seem frequently difficult to navigate. Don’t get discouraged because it’s a challenge for everyone.

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