Behavioral Emails

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Behavioral Emails


Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails

Fewer than 4% of consumers arriving from desktop browsers follow through with their purchases, and the number of buyers is even lower for tablet and smartphone users (3% and 1%, respectively). Marketers have a responsibility to mitigate this downward trend with smart and strategic email marketing.


WINC 349x1024 Behavioral Emails

This is a perfect example of a re-engagement email. Not only is it funny and enjoyable to read, but Winc also offers a nice discount for following through with the purchase.


BONOBOS 600x1024 Behavioral Emails

This email successfully uses a comedic approach in its attempt to re-engage inactive customers. In addition to making you smile, Bonobos offers its customer service to help remedy the issue of having an abandoned cart.

Review Request Emails

If someone likes (or dislikes) a company or brand, it’s natural to want to spread the word about them. That’s where the review and referral request emails come into play.


SKIMM 218x1024 Behavioral Emails

It’s interesting how theSkimm turns their 5th birthday into a referral generator. By building up to their request throughout the email and by offering an excellent incentive, theSkimm turns their own milestone into a positive experience for subscribers.


ACORNS 220x1024 Behavioral Emails

The “Give 5, Get 5” referral incentive is enough for Acorns users to try getting their friends on board. It isn’t obnoxiously the main attraction of the email, but it adds an extra dose of incentive at the bottom of the email.


AIRBNB Behavioral Emails

The natural way that Airbnb suggests inviting friends to add places of their own to your Wishlist is an easy way to both get a review and a reference. In a similar way as if someone were using pinterest, Airbnb encourages their customers to curate a wishlist unique to them.

“You Might Also Like” Emails

This is so simple and so effective, and if you have access to data-backed insights, you’re at an even greater advantage. Behavioral marketing is the most effective types of marketing because of the actionable data.


TROUVA 192x1024 Behavioral Emails

This email is so specific in the way it rounds up suggestions for the customer based on past behavior. Someone is much more likely to respect a company or service if it at least pretends to know him or her well.

Survey Emails

What better way to invite engagement than to ask for feedback? Use similar tactics as you would for other email marketing endeavors, but don’t over rely on surveys.


NOKIA Behavioral Emails

The opinions of your customers are valuable, but most importantly, customers notice when you offer to listen to them. Make the communication as easy as possible.


INSURIFY Behavioral Emails

Insurify makes it remarkably easy for the recipients of this email to express their opinions. Take a cue from Insurify and make it so simple for users to engage. When it takes someone less than 2 seconds to engage, why wouldn’t they?

Tailor Brands

TAILOR BRANDS Behavioral Emails

This is the quintessential survey request email. The color contrast, the graphics, and most importantly the incentive (50% off) is enough for subscribers not to hesitate to take 3 minutes out of their day to do this.


HEADSPACE Behavioral Emails

Headspace proves that they know their customers by prefacing their whole email with the promise that their survey isn’t boring.


TYPEFORM Behavioral Emails

The element of surprise at the end is enough to prompt someone to take the two minutes. Also, when you emphasize having a survey in order to improve customer experience, it also helps.

Milestone Emails

Milestone emails are a great chance to focus on and prioritize customers/users already using (and hopefully loving) your product or service.


UBER 3 250x1024 Behavioral Emails

The way Uber recounts drivers’ accomplishments whenever they complete another year of service makes the emails seem completely custom. The timeline style with large, legible numbers and graphics are great at helping someone see their work experience from a bird’s eye view.


TWITTERVERSARY Behavioral Emails

Twitter can get away with this super simple email because the whole point is to get people to share the “Twitterversary”. It’s funny how simple this is, and yet if every single person always shared their Twitterversaries on the platform, think about the spike of traffic that would cause.

A Book Apart

A BOOK APART 442x1024 Behavioral Emails

When you celebrate a company milestone with a discount or some kind of self-promotion that also benefits customers, it’s a win all-around.

Social Proof Emails

At the crux of social proof is that consumers trust what other consumers think. Let’s apply this principle to email marketing.


BETTY 433x1024 Behavioral Emails

Social proof causes community-driven sites to thrive. It’s one thing if a well known celebrity buys a product, but it’s another thing entirely if your best friend (or someone who seems like they could be your best friend) recommends it.

Ann Taylor

ANNTAYLOR 3 462x1024 Behavioral Emails

Another praiseworthy email from Ann Taylor. This is why Ann Taylor succeeds when they included customer contributor’s comments and reviews in this email.


TICTAIL 1 298x1024 Behavioral Emails

When you have a list of community favorites, people are more likely to believe you. Tictail knows this and decides to put it front and center.

J. Crew

JCRREW Behavioral Emails

If this J. Crew influencer can make these outfits look effortless and versatile, why can’t you? Incorporating your social media influencer efforts in your newsletter is a great way to maintain consistency across marketing channels.

Social/Community Activism Emails

Companies can succeed greatly by rallying with a mission that gets people excited and translating that energy into sales dollars in an honest way.


BILLABONG Behavioral Emails

Billabong takes the uncomfortable truth of the sheer magnitude of plastic that humans use and turns it into something inspiring.


C2B Behavioral Emails

Community activism to feed the hungry resonates with everyone. Especially when it comes to big companies (CB2 is an offshoot of Crate + Barrel), people want to see corporate social responsibility. Hold yourself accountable to outreach of some kind, no matter your industry, and then talk about it.

Customer Retention Emails

If someone is a former customer, invest in them first. They already believed in your service or used your product at one point, so convincing them to re-engage is a lot easier than relying on cold leads. You will be generating revenue before you know it.


XFINITY 264x1024 Behavioral Emails

In a society that’s obsessed with streaming shows and movies, this is the perfect email to get people excited again about the possibilities. The fact that they polled to find out which show the majority of people were excited to see first adds a social element.


ACORNS 3 476x1024 Behavioral Emails

Acorn’s clever design helps the important new features jump off the page.


BOORDS 249x1024 Behavioral Emails

Announcing new, exciting developments will always grab someone’s attention.


LYFT3 212x1024 Behavioral Emails

We love Lyft’s graphics and fun stats that pique people’s curiosity (especially when it’s about places in their own city). This is a great way to remind users why they should prefer Lyft over Uber.


DIGIDAY2 Behavioral Emails

A rundown/update is a great way to keep yourself on your customers’ radar. People’s fear of missing out will likely entice them to read this email.


FOODJUNKY Behavioral Emails

Anything you can tell your customers to help streamline the process of using your product or service will benefit you in the long run. The simple, actionable tips in this email prompt users to re-engage without sounding obnoxious. The well-placed CTA is a great move, too.


FACEBOOKSPACES Behavioral Emails

If the main idea of your email is enticing on its own, that works to your advantage even more than good CTA placement or design. Including a video is also a clever way to pique your audience’s interest.


zapier Behavioral Emails

Defining and communicating expectations is one of the keys to healthy and fruitful customer relationships. A guide that gives an overview of what to expect is a great idea to get your audience curious of what’s to come.


WITHINGS Behavioral Emails

Anything that congratulates and recognizes your users tends to motivate them to take action. In this case, the social media share buttons make it super simple for people to celebrate their achievement with friends/family/followers, which simultaneously spreads the message of the brand in an organic way.

Wrapping it up…

We hope this guide has left your mind teeming with ideas and strategies. Use this guide as a reference as you decide on templates and copywriting styles for your next campaign.

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