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June 26, 2019

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Subscriber emails allow you to maintain an active dialogue with your customers and clients, as they’ve opted in to receive and read your updates. Make the most of each subscriber email effort by providing targeted, relevant content to your loyal subscribers.

Table of Contents:

  1. New Product Emails
  2. New Blog Post Emails
  3. Thank You Emails
  4. Sign Up Confirmation Emails
  5. Newsletter Emails
  6. Round-Up Emails
  7. Online Course Emails

 New Product Email Examples

A new product means a new opportunity for your email recipients to take action and purchase your new product, service, feature, etc.

The more seamless the transition to your store (and the check-out page) the more you’ll be able to sell this new addition to your offerings.

 Bella + Canvas

The straightforward nature of this new product announcement is clean and effective.

Sometimes all subscribers need is an email and has one main message and limited distractions. This way, the email has a better chance of leaving an impact.

Subscriber Emails - New Product Announcement Email - Bella + Canvas


The invitation to “View All Products” and drive users directly to your website expedites the process of driving users directly to your site.

Ultimately you want to get people to your website so they can check out (and hopefully purchase) your new product.

Subscriber Emails - New Product Announcement Email - Sidecar

Acustom Apparel

This example shows that sometimes promotional emails don’t need to be loud and fancy if that doesn’t jive with your brand.

By knowing their audience well, Acustom Apparel matches the tone of the promotion with the laid-back yet sophisticated style of their customers.

Subscriber Emails - New Product Announcement Email - Acustom Apparel


With five strategic CTAs that link back to the Tovala site, this email offers plenty of opportunities to learn about a new product that the company portrays as an indispensable and innovative invention.

Subscriber Emails - New Product Announcement Email - Tovala


This email has the sole goal of announcing, driving pre-orders for, and building excitement about the latest Sakara product. The brand excels at creating a consistently inviting and crisp aesthetic across email communications, the website, and social channels.

Subscriber Emails - New Product Announcement Email - Sakara


Using a brand voice that primarily targets millennials, Soylent leaves an air of mystery about its new product to generate interest in it.

Subscriber Emails - New Product Announcement Email - Soylent


As a young ecommerce brand with a broad audience, Away keeps it simple with a product announcement email with very little text. The product image and brief snippet of text keeps it short and sweet, which is perfect for its audience.

Subscriber Emails - New Product Announcement Email - Away

New Custom

This email works because it leads with a call to action and it’s perfectly designed and color coordinated. For a company that relies on the aesthetic appeal of their products, this is perfect.

Subscriber Emails - New Product Announcement Email - New Custom

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New Blog Post Email Examples

It’s a small victory that you have subscribers who signed up for blog updates to begin with. Make it fun and interactive (as long as it doesn’t contradict your brand’s voice).

Requesting feedback or asking subscribers to try your product/service is the easy part.


This round up of new blog posts balances design with functionality. This email makes it easy to quickly scroll through and make the blog posts accessible.

Subscriber Emails - New Blog Post Email - Shillington

Campaign Monitor

The design of this email is effective with on-brand design and graphics that don’t distract from the overall goal of getting subscribers to view the latest blog post.

Subscriber Emails - New Blog Post Email - Campaign Monitor

Type E

This no-fluff email is packed with an informative sneak peek of the free-to-read and fascinating blogs on relevant topics in the web design/web font world that Type E offers. 

Subscriber Emails - New Blog Post Email - Type E

Apple News

The simple format and perfectly highlighted news stories make the Apple News Spotlight email something that people actually want to receive. 

Subscriber Emails - New Blog Post Email - Apple News

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Thank You Email Examples

Saying thank you is always a great way to get people’s attention and win their favor. These thank you emails are great examples of doing just that in a marketing-savvy way.


A reminder, an impressive milestone, and a discount are great additions to a thank you email that make a significant difference in catching attention.

Subscriber Emails - Thank You Email - Bombas


TransferWise also thanks customers for allowing them to reach an important milestone and does so with a fun play on words.

Subscriber Emails - Thank You Email - Transferwise


Ever thought about combining thank you with congratulations? Being Finimize’s customer is a cause for celebration according to them. Take a hint from the company and make your thank you’s a little more fun.

Subscriber Emails - Thank You Email - Finimize


Paravel phrases this email in way that immediately captures an email subscriber’s attention. Out of curiosity, users will be eager to see whether or not they’re featured in the selected feed of images in the thank you email.

Subscriber Emails - Thank You Email - Paravel

Ales Nesetril Design

A thank you email doesn’t necessarily need images. This email is effective because it’s sincere and includes step-by-step instructions and tips on how to make the most of the ebook purchased. By doing this, Ales establishes a great rapport with his customers.

Subscriber Emails - Thank You Email - Ales Nesetril Design

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 Sign Up Confirmation Email Examples

When you let people know they successfully signed up, you don’t want to send a thoughtless email that makes them regret signing up.


Twist keeps it short and sweet, which is exactly what most subscribers want. The minimal text and offer for assistance leaves no uncertainty or redundancy.

Subscriber Emails - Sign Up Confirmation Email - Twist


The block format of this confirmation email is exactly what the subscriber wants to see.

This design leaves no question about what your next step is. You can either confirm your email on the spot or inquire further about the product.

Subscriber Emails - Sign Up Confirmation Email - Hatch


Skillshare’s choice of embedding a video into its email is interesting and unusual.

Nevertheless, the “Start Watching” button whisks users away to landing page where they can start the course(s) they signed up for. I like this sign up email because it’s memorable and encourages users to get started right away.

Subscriber Emails - Sign Up Confirmation Email - Skillshare


This email example contains the absolute bare minimum of information and yet succeeds. The black and white vintage quality of the background is a refreshing change from the technicolor emails competing for attention in people’s inbox. Veda was definitely onto something.

Subscriber Emails - Sign Up Confirmation Email - Veda


This email is so short and simple that it only includes a logo, two sentences of instructions, and a CTA button. Sometimes a confirmation email does not need anything else to distract from the goal of the email.

Subscriber Emails - Sign Up Confirmation Email - Revue


This Depop email does a great job of including a personalized greeting in its short and efficient confirmation email, featuring a product image and “Confirm Now” CTA button.

Subscriber Emails - Sign Up Confirmation Email - Depop

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Newsletter Email Examples

Newsletter emails are very similar to new blog post announcement emails. Their primary focus should always be the new content being shared.

Since newsletter emails frequently include multiple pieces of curated content, the layout and overall presentation are extremely important. Check out our blog post about ways to boost your number of newsletter subscribers, too.

The Discoverer

This perfectly organized travel newsletter provides plenty of content in the body of the email itself, while also driving subscribers to the different events’ landing pages. The way this email directs you to click on their social media icons is seamless as well.

Subscriber Emails - Newsletter Email - The Discoverer


InterfaceLovers proves that quality beats quantity when it comes to the content of a newsletter. This example masters the art of not overwhelming subscribers with too much going on in the body of the email.

The two featured interviews are displayed in an enticing way, and the head shots of the interviewees are perfect.

Subscriber Emails - Newsletter Email - InterfaceLovers

The Lazy NBA Newsletter

This text-heavy newsletter works because it delivers exactly what the audience wants. Like most sports writing, the newsletter reads as more of a spoken narration.

Subscriber Emails - Newsletter Email - The Lazy NBA Newsletter

The Girlfriend Newsletter

The user-friendly email format with catchy teasers of each article make this newsletter a success. You can tell by the snippets that this content is something the target audience looks forward to reading.

Subscriber Emails - Newsletter Email - The Girlfriend Newsletter

The Mr. Porter Newsletter

The best part about this email is its unique stylistic quality that emphasizes the artisanal nature of this curator. This email does a great job of endorsing products with a subtle dose of persuasion.

Subscriber Emails - Newsletter Email - Mr. Porter


Considering that WeTransfer is essentially just a Dropbox alternative, the SaaS company has to hustle to set itself apart. This beautifully crafted and curated newsletter is not trying to convince subscribers to pay for their service, but rather builds brand trust by speaking to the merits of the brand as a whole.

Subscriber Emails - Newsletter Email - WeTransfer

Dense Discovery

If you are planning on packing your newsletter with text, be sure not to overcrowd it with images, too. This email finds a way to balance a huge block of text with two carefully selected images, keeping the rest of the email simple.

Subscriber Emails - Newsletter Email - Dense Discovery

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Round-Up Email Examples

Another email subcategory in the family of newsletter emails are roundup emails.

The difference is that the company/brand did not create the content they’re rounding up. These lists can be trickier to curate than they seem, but when done well they can bring enormous value to subscribers.

Kid & Coe

What’s nice about this newsletter is that the recommendations for kid-friendly, family-oriented places to vacation around the US offers variety that most newsletters wouldn’t.

Take note that the content is solid but the design isn’t revolutionary: it doesn’t have to be when the content speaks for itself.

Subscriber Emails - Round-Up Email - Kid & Coe


Pinterest is one of the great kings of curated content. Pinterest’s round ups are algorithm based but nevertheless formatted in the ideal way for users.

Their trick is to make the content in the round-up as personalized as possible to the user to drive them back to Pinterest’s platform to find more of what they love/what they were looking for.

Subscriber Emails - Round-Up Email - Pinterest


The use of white space in his email is genius. It draws the eye naturally where it should be: to the CTA’s.

Subscriber Emails - Round-Up Email - Proto.io


Some round-up emails don’t need copy to clutter them up. These photos speak for themselves and fit perfectly in a simple template.

Subscriber Emails - Round-Up Email - Crew


This is an easy-to-read, no-frills round-up email by a leader in the digital marketing industry. Note the simple colors and design, and the generous spacing.

Subscriber Emails - Round-Up Email - Moz


Unlike the Moz round-up email, Hopper’s “Trending” round-up relies on visuals. Note how Hopper doesn’t overdo it with branding (sticking to a subtle occasional “h” logo.) Your subscribers most likely look forward to and appreciate the content that you curate, and won’t be in the mindset to be receptive to anything too sales-heavy. 

Subscriber Emails - Round-Up Email - Hopper

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Online Course Email Examples

The amount of online learning material available today is straight-up overwhelming. That’s why it’s unsurprising that course-related emails are so great in length.

The School of Life

Give people what they signed up for: and give them plenty of it. The School of Life welcome email is straightforward and to the point. Effective and efficient.

Subscriber Emails - Online Course Email - School of Life


This promotional email for the course is awesome. It doesn’t push its case but it emphasizes what’s important.

Subscriber Emails - Online Course Email - Skillshare


Course emails that provide updates on progress are great. They encourage subscribers to take pride in their student status and continue to work towards their goals.

Subscriber Emails - Online Course Email - Treehouse

Data Camp

The gradient, color scheme, and countdown timer work together to create a visually appealing email. The discount at the top of the email and the unique call to action button also contribute to this email’s success.

Subscriber Emails - Online Course Email - Data Camp


This email does a great job of highlighting one of Masterclass’ success stories and using a recognizable celebrity name. Also, the design is thoughtful, and the dark color scheme of the email helps the red CTA buttons pop.

Subscriber Emails - Online Course Email - Masterclass

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