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June 26, 2019

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Since you have to send transactional emails anyway, why not make it an enjoyable and productive experience for you and the customer?

Too many marketers underestimate the power of transactional emails, but they can be an extremely valuable tool.

Table of Contents:

  1. Email Receipts & Payments Emails
  2. Username & Password Reset Emails
  3. Opt-In Emails
  4. RSVP Emails
  5. Notification & Alert Emails
  6. Shipping Confirmation Emails
  7. Subscription Emails
  8. Unsubscribe & Cancellation Emails
  9. “Here’s What You’ve Been Waiting For” Emails

Receipt & Payment Email Examples

It’s disappointing that so many marketers disregard the massive opportunity that sending email receipts presents them.

Even if you’re not an ecommerce business, an emailed receipt is almost always preferred by customers. A non-pushy CTA is the perfect way to make the most of an email that you have to send anyway.


The combination of the fun GIF and the easy-to-read text with a clear tracking number makes this email enjoyable to open.

Transactional Emails - Receipt Email - Postable


The layout of this email is impeccable. The graphics and pun are on point, and they manage to squeeze in all the important order and exchange information without overcrowding the email.

The seamless incorporation of the social media icons also adds a great touch.

Transactional Emails - Receipt Email - Allbirds


Everyone likes to know that their dollars are going towards something that counts and thankfully IndieGogo has the advantage that their business revolves around this idea. The email doesn’t need much else, and IndieGogo knew that.

This email underscores the importance of knowing your audience and organically offering the chance to contribute to more campaigns that could interest them. The curated preview of other campaigns to explore is a smart move.

Transactional Emails - Receipt Email - Indiegogo


Receiving a receipt email with too many elements or a distracting design defeats the purpose of a straightforward and informative message.

Huckberry struck a great balance between clean, minimalist email design and including plenty of CTAs.

The email not only provides the most important order information first (with a couple of CTAs sprinkled in), but also transitions nicely into displaying trending products toward the bottom.

Transactional Emails - Receipt Email - Huckberry


When it comes to food pick up and delivery, no mistakes are tolerated.

Chipotle designed these emails to prioritize when and where to pick up (we love that a Google Maps snapshot is embedded right in the email).

The clear communication and simplicity of this receipt is spot on, leaving no room for confusion.

Transactional Emails - Receipt Email - Chipotle


This email provides the key information a user needs with the perfect amount of whitespace to make it easy to read at a glance. It’s smart that Postmates included a special discount at the bottom that’s hard to miss with a prominent green call to action button. It’s a prime example of making a transactional email promotional without being obnoxious.

Transactional Emails - Receipt Email - Postmates


Polaroid steps up its receipt emails with a brief but thorough and reassuring message that they are processing a customer’s order. Any time someone spends money on a product or service, it makes sense that they would want their purchase validated. We love that Polaroid is transparent about next steps and offers to answer questions.

Transactional Emails - Receipt Email - Polaroid

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Username & Password Reset Email Examples

The trick with these transactional emails is that the better they are designed, the less people will notice them.

You’ll leave a subconscious positive impression on customers if your password reset process is super easy and quick.

On the other hand, if extra steps are involved, or people can’t get the information they need.


Every time that you’ve received password reset emails, you were probably always in such a rush to get the information that you barely noticed the design.

What makes this email great is that the design is noticeably bright and fun, without making it any trickier to expedite the password reset process.

Transactional Emails - Password Reset Email - Lingo


If someone changed your password (that wasn’t you), you would want to know as soon as possible, in the most straightforward possible way.

MailChimp understands this and cuts straight to the chase.

Transactional Emails - Password Reset Email - Mailchimp


This is an ingenious confirmation email that recognizes the fact that its primarily mobile users will want an easy-to-tap way to confirm and move on with their lives.

Spoken demonstrates they know their audience, and helps to make their lives easier.

Transactional Emails - Username Confirmation Email - Spoken


All internet users prioritize the security of their inboxes and accounts more than ever before, and Vimeo recognizes this.

Transactional Emails - Password Reset Email - Vimeo

Whenever you receive password reset emails, you’re probably in a rush to get the reset code or information and barely notice the design.

What makes these emails great is that the design is noticeably bright and fun, without making it any trickier to expedite the password reset process.

Verve Wine

We love how Verve adds a friendly tone a transactional email that is as boring and basic as a password reset email.

Transactional Emails - Password Reset Email - Verve Wine


This email confirmation from Jet is well designed and makes the password reset process seem like a no brainer.

Transactional Emails - Password Reset Email - Jet

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Opt-In Email Examples

These emails need to be well-formatted and convince your subscribers that they made the right choice to sign up.

These emails can have an eye-catching design, but the main focus should be to make them as easy to act upon as humanly possible.


Archant presents this email opt-in as an easy choice. Anyone who enjoys receiving the email will act after receiving this message.

Transactional Emails - Opt-In Email - Archant


This opt-in email is impressive because of the thought that went into the design and unique lettering (even though it’s just confirming your email sign up).

Transactional Emails - Opt-In Email - Greats


This email doesn’t let you think twice about verifying your email, providing the link to copy and paste as well.

Many companies are smart enough to do this today because there is always the possibility of a button breaking and a client getting frustrated.

Transactional Emails - Opt-In Email - Republic


Checking in with subscribers in a way that seems to propose unsubscribing seems like a risky move. The reality is that honesty trumps everything else.

If you’re transparent with your audience/customers and give them the choice to take a break, they’re more likely to have a positive view of your brand (and even possibly re-subscribe in the future).

Transactional Emails - Opt-In Email - Animoto


Refind sticks to the basics with this email. This traditional, easy-to-read email from is effective without wasting anyone’s time. 

Transactional Emails - Opt-In Email - Refind


Chipotle knows its loyal customers will be happy to receive email updates and verify their “burrito love.” The friendly tone of their email is perfectly on-brand with its target audience.

Transactional Emails - Opt-In Email - Chipotle


Opt-ins are the perfect way to make sure the people who actually want to receive your emails are the ones receiving them. People love transparency, and AutoTrader is transparent about their effort to make sure their newsletter subscribers are actually interested in staying on the list.

Transactional Emails - Opt-In Email - Autotrader

Return Path

This email from Return Path is great because it affirms that when you check in with your email subscribers and give people the chance to unsubscribe, you end up with a higher quality list of leads in the end. The bright graphics are a nice touch, too.

Transactional Emails - Opt-In Email - Return Path

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RSVP Email Examples

These emails should be functional and beautiful. Don’t overdo it: remember that with transactional emails, utility is more important than what it looks like.

The Black Tux

The Black Tux’s tips for grooms-to-be have been extremely popular, so the company seized the opportunity to release exclusive content before another big guide was released.

Although this RSVP email is not for an event, we like the way it feels like an event. It builds up the anticipation before a new product/program launches.

Transactional Emails - RSVP Email - The Black Tux

Broadsheet Media

The way this event is introduced as hyper exclusive works ranks in the event’s favor.

Most importantly, the way that the Facebook event RSVP call to action is there twice makes it impossible to miss.

Transactional Emails - RSVP Email - Broadsheet Media


The simple design and lighthearted tone make this email the perfect holiday RSVP request.

Including Google Maps at the bottom of the email is super smart as well.

Transactional Emails - RSVP Email - Liquorice


This RSVP email invites participants in the event to contribute questions and ideas before the event. We like that the email gives you options: one CTA button allows subscribers to RSVP for the actual webcast, anTransactional Emails – Opt-In Email – Return Pathd one CTA allows you to learn more.

Transactional Emails - RSVP Email - Republic

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Notification & Alert Email Examples

One of the best ways to ensure your notification emails live up to their potential is to ask yourself how you would feel if this notification popped up on your phone while you were busy doing something else.

Are you annoyed? Grateful for a quick, easy-to-read, and memorable reminder? Imagine what it would be like to receive your own email, and adjust accordingly.


This succinct email is the epitome of short and sweet. Calendly’s options to add it to either your Google calendar, iCalendar, or Outlook Calendar is great. Any way that you can make subscribers’ lives easier, the better.

Transactional Emails - Notification Email - Calendly


Everyone likes to receive notifications of good news. The way you can make this kind of notification even better is by making it personal.

We love how this email comes across as if mention.com is your own personal cheerleader. The trophy is a great touch.

Celebrating your clients/customers/subscribers whenever they reach a milestone is always a good idea.

Transactional Emails - Notification Email - Mention


When businesses in the service industry approach communications with customers/clients as a conversation between two colleagues on the same team, information and ideas flow a lot more naturally.

Even though Revue is just email newsletter software, they make their reminder seem personal and not automated. It’s great that it reminds the subscriber of their last report’s results as well.

Transactional Emails - Notification Email - Revue


We love how this email is a fun way to alert a YouTube channel owner of their number of subscribers. The analogy is memorable, the encouragement for them to post on social media about it is a win-win, and the survey at the bottom is an easy way to gauge general feedback.

Transactional Emails - Notification Email - YouTube


Ballpark makes their reminder notification about forgetting to clock out efficient without being bland.

Transactional Emails - Alert Email - Ballpark


Lyft provides straightforward directions on how to update a customer’s credit card information, encouraging the customer to be proactive. When you consider customer experience, someone would much rather receive a reminder to update their card information far in advance.
This type of notification is a great way to prevent a more urgent email in the future.

Transactional Emails - Notification Email - Lyft

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Shipping Confirmation Email Examples

Like the other transactional emails we’ve seen so far, some of the best shipping confirmation emails are the ones that say what they need to say and nothing else. At the same time, simple and unique design can’t hurt.


Tradesy provides customers with all the crucial information regarding their purchases, while also thanking them for their support in helping them grow.

They know how to tie a confirmation email with a thank you email and reap the benefits of both at the same time.

Transactional Emails - Shipping Confirmation Email - Tradesy

Warby Parker

This email could almost be too plain, but the commitment to personalization and customer service shines through. In Warby Parker’s case, personalization is one of the defining marks of the brand.

Transactional Emails - Shipping Confirmation Email - Warby Parker


We love how the teasing tone of this email and its bright colors make it inviting and fun to open. Compared to most confirmation emails (that are either boring or dizzying) this email has great design.

Transactional Emails - Shipping Confirmation Email - Fitbit


With shipping related emails, people want to know the specifics. The more information you can provide without overcrowding the email, the better. We love how Etsy provides a visual of the mileage the products have to cover as well. 

Transactional Emails - Shipping Confirmation Email - Etsy

iFit Nourish

iFit Nourish understands that people like the option of tracking their order to make sure it arrives in due time. The on-brand email copy and simple graphics are perfect.

Transactional Emails - Shipping Confirmation Email -  iFit Nourish

Outdoor Voices

This email confirmation is a great example that less is more when it comes to text sometimes. If you are quickly glancing at this email to make sure your items were shipped, you’ll appreciate the visuals of the products you ordered.

Transactional Emails - Shipping Confirmation Email -  Outdoor Voices

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Subscription Email Examples

The first few emails after someone subscribes to your newsletter are extremely important. Be concise and don’t risk leaving a negative impression.

Founder Mantras

The pop of color is working to the advantage of Founder Mantras. Color can be overused and abused but in this case, the white call to action seems to be begging to be clicked on.

Transactional Emails - Subscription Email - Founder Mantras

Green Chef

Green Chef focuses on clearly communicating the necessary information and setting expectations so that customers can rest assured they’ll receive the service they’re paying for.

Transactional Emails - Subscription Email - Green Chef


The cute photo and minimal copy directs recipients to do what matters most first: subscribe to Tedium’s emails.

Transactional Emails - Subscription Email - Tedium


The time sensitive nature of subscribing before your trial ends will inevitably catch someone’s attention when they open this email.

This email is well executed overall, but generally it’s better not to rely on scaring people into subscribing because they’re afraid they’ll miss a deal.

Transactional Emails - Subscription Email - Quickbooks


The fact that medium.com introduces itself as a fun experience among a community of friends is an excellent approach.

After all, users are proven to be more likely to respond to and engage with friends and peers than a brand.

Transactional Emails - Subscription Email - Medium


We included this example to show what to do if you want the absolute least amount of text/graphics. The beauty of this email is that it’s effective but it’s also so easy to build in a template. Even the least tech savvy members of your team could replicate an email like this.

Transactional Emails - Subscription Email - Airtable


We love that Sakara invented a nickname for their customers (“Sakaralite”) and used it to address their email subscribers. This particular example is a thank you email that is extremely genuine.

Transactional Emails - Subscription Email -  Sakara

Green Chef

Any subscription based business needs to communicate a summary of what to expect, what it will cost, and the timeline for delivery. Green Chef provides a comprehensive subscription confirmation in a clean layout so it’s easy to skim and leaves no room for surprises. 

 Transactional Emails - Subscription Email -  Green Chef

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Unsubscribe & Cancellation Email Examples

It’s not a great feeling when you know people are sick of your emails, but the way you handle the rejection is half of the battle.

Also, the way you respond to someone cancelling a subscription will make them more or less likely to re-subscribe.

Beta List

There are three great things about this email. First of all, the comical usage of the Toy Story image is sure to make people smile.

Second, the dramatic line of “we still love you” and the request for feedback.

Finally, it was also wise to make the email say it was from the founder of the company. Even though it’s a simple tweak, it makes it easier to react to a message that says it comes from a single human (versus an entire team or whole company).

Transactional Emails - Unsubscribe Email - Beta List

Best Made

This email is sincere and thoughtful, but doesn’t spend a lot of time trying to win you back. It’s nice that they aren’t pushing to get you to re-subscribe, but instead they’re proposing it in a nice way. The subscribe button is clear and easy to find, but it’s not in your face.

Transactional Emails - Unsubscribe Email - Best Made


In an increasingly competitive world of music streaming, it’s good that Pandora maintains a warm tone that lays the foundation for re-subscribing.

This email is consistent with their new modern, sleek re-branding.

Transactional Emails - Cancellation Email - Pandora


We like the way HelpScout communicates the important message that an account is scheduled to be deleted, and presents subscribers with alternatives.

Transactional Emails - Cancellation Email - Helpscout


Hulu’s cancellation confirmation email includes a “Reactivate Now” button, which might seem premature. However, it can’t hurt to give people a chance to change their minds by inviting them to reactivate shortly after cancelling.

Transactional Emails - Unsubscribe Email -  Hulu

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“Here’s What You’ve Been Waiting For” Announcement Email Examples

When users are anxiously awaiting an email, you want it to be painless for them to finally open the email.


This message serves one purpose, and it serves it well. PixelBuddha is sure to specify the number of downloads allowed as well.

Transactional Emails - Announcement Email - PixelBuddha


Loyal Starbucks customers patiently await every reward they earn, so making these emails as accessible and easy to follow as possible is extremely important.

Transactional Emails - Rewards Email - Starbucks


The announcement of a long waiting product launch deserves an email that stands out. It’s always an added bonus when you can propose or add something else at the same time.

Transactional Emails - Announcement Email - Lomography

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