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Email Marketing remains the highest ROI channel, however, Email Marketing strategies and tools available are changing every day. Making sure that you’re properly engaging with potential prospects, interacting with current customers, and revisiting with customers that are drifting away are all equally important steps in email marketing.

This is where Chainlink Relationship Marketing clients and customers are kept up to date on the latest trends in Email Marketing, as well as access to frequently and freely available marketing assets that will help any marketer drive the best ROI possible across all of their channels.

Behavioral Emails

Behavioral emails are at the core of successful customer lifecycle campaigns. These examples show how to maximize the potential of these types of emails.

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Transactional Emails

Too many marketers underestimate the power of transactional emails. These examples prove that they can be an extremely valuable tool for email marketers.

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Subscriber Emails

Every email to your subscribers should be captivating, thoughtful, and useful in order to maintain your email list. Check out these high quality examples.

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Promotional Emails

There is a fine line between a promotional email that is too sales-heavy, and one that is not convincing enough. These examples strike the perfect balance.

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Onboarding Emails

Onboarding emails set the tone for a new customer’s experience with your company. These email examples will provide you with plenty of design inspiration.

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