Email Marketing Provides the Highest ROI Across all Marketing Mediums

April 3, 2019
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The effectiveness and reliable return on investment of Email Marketing programs and initiatives for organizations of all shapes and sizes has become undeniable. However, many companies are often relegating this responsibility to very junior person within their organization.

Jon Cifuenes, an analyst at VB Insights, conducted the study and found that very often the data that can be collected during outbound email marketing is being ignored in the decision making process. He concluded, “Email marketing provides the highest ROI across the marketing spectrum.”

According to Cifuenes, 32% of companies don’t know on which devices their customers are opening emails and 29% aren’t tracking revenue through emails. Here at Chainlink Relationship Marketing, we can provide these valuable data points to drastically help your organization’s decision making process.

Chainlink Relationship Marketing can provide detailed real-time analytics and business intelligence about every single email that goes out, the recipients’ responses and follow-on actions, and based on those interactions can trigger automated emails to continue nurturing the customer lifecycle.

Beyond just personalizing every interaction on a 1:1 basis, we can further helps segment your customers and prospects so that your creative and content teams can tailor laser-focused messaging that can we can deploy to further improve your marketing ROI.

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Email Marketing Provides the Highest ROI Across all Marketing Mediums